Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter Fun

Yesterday we had a visit from some baby chicks yesterday.  We learned about the life cycle of a chicken, heard a story from Jo of Hills Bank and received a bag with a coloring book.  Thank you to Hills Bank to visiting us.

We finished the day with a jelly bean math activity.  We sorted, graphed, tally marked and talked about more, less and equal.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


What a great job the students did at the spring concert.  I was so very proud of them and they all looked so nice!

Last week one of our activities was to arrange some of our sight words to make some sentences.  They came up with some fantastic sentences and did a wonderful job writing them.  They have come such a long way with their sentence structures.

We are so fortunate at Mid-Prairie to have access to several forms of technology.  One of those resources is being able to travel to different places and learn through Google expeditions.  In our Benchmark Literacy Curriculum our theme last week was a non-fiction book on Animals in their Habitats and how they adapt to live.  Through the google expeditions we were able to see several different habitats including a jungle, wetlands, desert, grass fields, etc.  This led to a great discussion about what kinds of animals live there and how they survive.   When we were finished with that I took them to the ocean and they were able to see sharks and we ended at the San Diego Zoo.  They were so engaged and loved this experience.  I hope they shared some of this with you!

Ashlee was our PBIS winner this week and she choose to walk Bowie at recess.  He picked up a glove along the way.  :)

We painted some kites that will be used to decorate the school to help us feel more springy!

I hope you all saw your child's post on SeeSaw with the rainbow coins.  I wasn't sure how this would go because there were several steps but I was so impressed how independently they completed this activity.  They choose some sight words to type on the coins then recorded themselves reading the words.  I was very proud of them!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

PBIS reward

Last week we were rewarded with a trip to the Indoor Practice Facility at the HS for being respectful, responsible and safe.  The kids had a blast running the obstacle course.

We also spent time this week with half of the class building with Legos, while the other half was on the ipads learning about coding.  They did fantastic as they worked on their 21st century thinking skills!

We also learned to code using markers.  These little robots, called Ozobots, are coded using markers.  Depending on the pattern drawn with red, blue, green and black markers, the Ozobots do different tricks.  First we drew some shapes for the Ozobot to follow, then we practiced our -at words and coded the robot to do tricks at those words and drive past the others.  It was super fun and I can' wait to do more activities with them.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lego STEAM park

We ended the week on Friday afternoon designing and building with legos from the LEGO STEAM park kit.  We recently purchased it with funds from a grant we received from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation.  I gave each group a card, they found the pieces they needed and worked together to build their addition to the park.  They did fantastic at using problem solving and communication skills to get the job done.  

As they finished, they spent time building on the new lego wall at MP West.  

Here is the lego wall being built!